Date: Saturday, Feb. 14th, 2015

Annnnnd another update! Behold, I bring you the continuation of Redefining Brutality! This is the third installment of what I'm guessing is going to end up being around seven installments of the story: Double Dmitrij Day. The installment came out a bit longer than I had expected, so at the moment you'll only be getting the first Dmitrij. But nonetheless, I think you will find this story a bit different from the rest and well worth reading.

If you haven't read through the first two parts of Redefining Brutality, you can start here.

More to come.

— Vyst

Date: Sunday, Dec. 14th, 2014

Long time no update, as per usual! However, I do appear to be back in action with a new blurb over in my Misadventures section. You can go there to check it out or just click here to get right to it.

More to come as the Muse dictates.

— Vyst

Date: Tuesday, Jul. 29th, 2014

Welp! It looks like our Kickstarter time limit has come to a close and we didn't make our goal. We only hit somewhere a bit above the 10% point with 12 different people backing the project. However! We don't consider this a failure, as we learned a lot about how to get the word about something out (including screwing up a few things where we thought we were getting the word out when we actually weren't. Oops). So our current plan is to reorganize and launch the Kickstarter again in a few months. We hope everyone that supported us before will do so again!

Thanks again everyone!

— Vyst

Date: Tuesday, Jul. 29th, 2014

OH MY! The Crazy Rogue Network is updating and this time with a KICKSTARTER. That's right! We're asking for your support to help fund our writings and our website. Check out the KICKSTARTER link up on the top menu for more information,

and check out our Kickstarter page itself and give us your support!

— Vyst

Date: Monday, Mar. 24th, 2014

Slowly but surely, the Mighty Vyst finds the inspiration deep within himself to write about his past misadventures through Europe.

I bring you Smolenice Castle: 15 Years Later!

— Vyst

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 14th, 2014

Woa! It seems someone hasn't been writing for awhile. Having been back in Washington, I seemed to have lost a good part of my drive to keep writing about stories in Europe. I'm making an effort to change this and, in doing so, I finished writing up my hitchhiking guide and posted it over in the Vyst Misc section. I'm sitting on several other half-finished stories that I'm hoping to kick my ass into doing. I'll let you know as soon as I get'em out!

— Vyst

Date: Monday, Aug. 26th, 2013

All quiet on the Mooranian front!

Well, not really. Things have been going a pretty standard crazy for me since the last update. I just haven't gotten around to writing them down and posting them. Whatever the case, my girlfriend and I will be gracing Washington State with our presence in two days! I'm not sure what my level of focus and inspiration will be for writing, but I hope to jot down at least a few more stories to round off my Misadventures Through Europe phase.

Ant and Max's fo'-reals wedding is planned for September, 8th and I'm really looking forward to seeing him again for the first time in over three years and being able to exchange stories face to face. Speaking of stories, I skyped with Ant recently and he told me he was busting ass writing stuff down. However, I have yet to see any digital manuscripts, so please send deserved heckling in his direction.

With that, see everyone back in Washington soon!

— Vyst

Date: Sunday, Jul. 28th, 2013

New story update!

After digging through, renaming, re-sizing, and re-organizing something like 140 pictures from Turkey, as well as writing a story to explain what they all are, I can officially post them here, now!

On the Shores of the Black Sea can also be found in my standard stories section.

That's all for now. More stories to come on a regular basis if I can keep my ass anchored in front of the computer long enough to write them.

— Vyst

Date: Wednesday, Jul. 11th, 2013

Merhaba everyone! A quick update from Tirebolu, Turkey.

I decided to take a week of "vacation" and visit the people I had met in Turkey again, but instead of doing so in Istanbul I decided to visit them in eastern Turkey in a small city by the name of Tirebolu (Tripoli in Western naming). This is my fourth day here and nothing adventureous has yet happened, thus no story or blurb to share. Just some photos.

I arrived on the first day of Ramadan and I celebrated with the family by drinking beer (think a little about Islamic culture to get the irony, here). The house is right on the Black Sea and I've been spending the days swimming whenever I can. I've already found a castle to climb on and have spent the remaining time checking the town out. Yesterday I was driven a bit inland to see the mountainous region and eat dinner at a guy's house who raises fish literally under his house. Good eatin'!

— Vyst

Saint Jean Castle apparently can be dated back to the 15th century B.C.

Which sounds like the perfect age for me to climb on!

Here's the city of Tirebolu from the beach.

This is where I've been swimming. I took this picture from the balcony of where I'm staying.

What the town looks like a little ways inland.

GREEEEEN!! This whole area is nothing but rolling green hills.

Mosques mosques everywhere. Even out in the mountains you can't get away from the call to prayer.

More awesome landscape.

This guy runs a restaurant out of his house and cooks up the fish that he raises. The house is right next to the mountain stream and the fish pools are continuously fed water from the stream itself.

In case you were wondering what the fish looked like.

And then this schmuck showed up at our table and started drinking all my Turkish tea!

Date: Thursday, Jul. 4th, 2013

HOLY SHIT!! The Crazy Rogue Network actually looks like a real website!

That's right! Dan, a friend of mine back from high school, finally got sick of looking at my ugly-ass website and sent me the template for the new and improved version you're looking at right now. It took awhile to finally get it to look the way I wanted, but I can finally announce its completion!

In addition to the fancy new layout, I have added a new page called Vyst Misc. It's there to include anything I happen to write up that doesn't fit into the "Misadventures through Europe" category. Right now there's only one article up there that most of the people who currently read this site won't find very interesting, but it's there nonetheless and the page is ready-made for easy additions.

In other news, I can also officially announce that I, Vyst, will be returning to Washington State on August 28th, 2013. Yes Sir, that's right! After nearly three and a half years away I will finally be coming back home. My girlfriend Sabrina will also be coming with. Plan your rejoicings accordingly.

The reason for my arrival has to do with Ant's side of things. I can proudly announce that Max was able to acquire the visa to get into the US and she is safe and sound with Anthony in Washington. My plan is to get there for the wedding ceremony. Despite the fact that Ant still hasn't gotten around to writing any material for his page, he sent me some pictures of his pre-wedding wedding ceremony (they had to file to legal paperwork immediately to get the new-and-improved visa status in the works). Here they are:

In the last piece of news, I've another story partially written: Redefining Brutality - A Week in Augsburg. The reason it's partially written is because I realized a little ways through writing it that it's going to be my longest story, yet, so instead of writing the whole story out and posting it, I'm going to post each day of the story as I have it written. Theoretically this should allow me to update a little more often.

There you have it. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone back in WA!

(Bring beer.)

— Vyst

Date: Saturday, Apr. 20, 2013

Well check that out! It has once again taken me four whole months to get around updating this website. Better late than never!

I'm popping in to say that I've written up another blurb in my section. You can get to it immediately by clicking here. It's mostly a bunch of pictures of some really cool ruins I found in eastern Austria.

In other news, you may have noticed that there still isn't anything new coming from Ant's side of the fence. Apparently I haven't been giving him the proper motivation. However, the latest news that he's sent me is that Max's visa finally got accepted and he'll be able to take her back to the US! Woohoo! He's in the Philippines at this very moment now trying to get everything in order to bring her back, so it still may be awhile before he gets any time to sit down and write anything.

— Vyst

Date: Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012

Happy end of the world, everyone! The 21st passed and we still all seem to be alive and kicking.

WHOA! I'm actually updating this website after creating it four fuckin' months ago. Yup. I finally got off my ass and into the computer chair to start writing and coding away. I originally planned on writing a short little update just to let everyone knowing what I was doing, but the result ended up being quite a few pages long with... 65 new pictures. Yea. You can read it just by going to my Misadventures through Europe page or just clicking here.

The news I've managed to gather from Ant is that he left again to the Philippines to visit his fiancée and is back in Washington again waiting for the American bureaucrazy (no that's not a typo) to get their thumbs out of their asses and process her visa. I've given him the order to write something up about his most recent adventures over there and he said he would get on it, sending me some pictures to hold me over in the meantime. Here's a few of them as a sneak peak:

— Vyst

Date: Saturday Aug. 11, 2012

The site is officially launched! Welcome to the Crazy Rogue Network! After much swearing and staring blankly at a computer screen as I scratched my head for hours trying to remember how to make a website and weeks of converting hordes of text into a web-friendly format, it's finally done! Herein you will find all the material that I and Ant have been writing over the past year, plus a bit more that I never mailed out.

Thus if you have been on my mailing list the entire time, you will find some new stuff along with everything you've already read. If you know me and/or Ant and for some reason haven't been on our mailing lists, you are now free to read about our simultaneous adventures at your leisure! If you have no idea who we are, check out our stuff anyway. If you feel so inclined, send us an email to tell us what you think.

Happy perusals!

— Vyst