Vyst's Rough Outline of Events Leading Up to Europe

August, 1986

Born in Arlington, Washington. Spent most of my childhood between playing videogames and hacking shit up in the forest with a machete.

October, 2004

I began training Aikido at Tsubaki Shrine of America. This was probably the greatest life-altering decision I ever made.

June , 2005

Graduated from Arlington High School.

September, 2005

Entered Western Washington University. I wasn't really interested in school by that point but I went through the motions because I thought I was supposed to. I chose chemistry as my major.

June, 2008

The summer after my sophomore year I got a job as an intern in the laboratory in one of the local oil refineries (ConocoPhillips at Ferndale, WA). This ate up any remaining time I wasn't actively in school and I was promised a full-time job upon graduation if I was interested.

December 29th, 2008

With six months left to go in my college career, I took a look at my bank account and realized I had saved up enough money from working to ride out the rest of the school year sans refinery. I thus quit and lived the remainder of my school days in ease.

June, 2009

I graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry and minors in Japanese and classical Greek. If you think that's weird I'll add that I studied Sanskrit for a year, too.

July, 2009

I became uchi deshi (something like "live-in student") for my Aikido Sensei at the shrine for six months.

January, 2010

My time as uchi deshi ended and I spent the next five months driving around between Bellingham, Arlington, Granite Falls, Everett, and Seattle doing Aikido, parkour, and going hiking, what the average individual would probably consider doing nothing.

May, 2010

I sold my car, packed up a small amount of necessities, gave away anything that was too much of a hassle to deal with, and bought a one-way plane ticket to Vermont to stay with some buddies on a whim.

October, 2010

I had found two jobs in Vermont: delivering pizzas and teaching math and chemistry at a private high school for girls who play ice hockey. I'm serious. That actually exists..

March, 2011

With my teaching job coming to a close in Vermont, I realized I was getting bored there. Instead of going back home to Washington, I decided to go even further and bought a one-way plane ticket to Europe.