Ant's Misadventures Through Asia

Philippines Chaper 9:
Goodbye, for now...

Sent: Sat, Jun 30, 2012 10:23 pm Subject: The End... for now

My final day in Baguio city. The sun is blaring, the air is clean from last night's rain, and Sunday morning church bells are ringing. I'm finding fewer and fewer reasons to leave here. This last week has been full of goodbyes. I even had some good friends from Korea come and stay the night at our humble home.

Friends from Korea.

The worst kind of parties are going away parties.

Good bye Redlion and to the gals who work there.

Too bittersweet for me.

Got our cousin drunk for the first time in two months! Worth it!

Never been a fan of goodbyes. Unlike Korea I will be coming back here 100%--at least that takes a little of the bite off. Reluctantly and heavy-hearted I leave this place and the people I love behind.

Momma and I. I think I was a few shots in at this point.

I have been very lucky this last year. The people I have met and befriended have made what I am doing possible. From a place to stay, to a hot meal, to a cold beer, I won't forget their generosity. Also my family. I have enough on my Father in me that I'll try anything and everything. Figuring each problem out as it comes at me. I have enough of my Mother in me that I accept and embrace everywhere and everyone I come across. Making life-long friends and a home 7000k miles away. And the newest member, Maxine, my fiance. It took a laundry list of mishaps and a whole lot of luck to even meet her. I wasn't even suppose to be in Southern, South Korea. If it was fate, destiny, luck or a combination of them all, I'll never know. But I do know when you find that someone you're a fool to let them go. Not someone that completes you, but someone that is already complete.

Non-conventional rings, but we are far from the conventional couple.

So I head back to Washington to finish the visa process while Maxine resides here in Baguio. I return with no job, no car, and a few hundred dollars to my name. Yet I have never been this rich, this well off, in my entire life. [Vyst's Note: Sappy-ass motherfucker.] [Ant's Counter-Note: I'll shower you in all the sap I want, bitch.]

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