Ant's Misadventures Through Asia

Korea Chapter 4:
Well Korea, it's been fun

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Max's birthday was March 25th. She just wanted a quiet birthday, with maybe one or two people over for dinner. So in the tradition of listening to what people want, I threw a big surprise party at the Sky Lounge. I told Max I was going to buy her one birthday shot, just Max and I, on the way home from work. She walked into the bar to the scene of a dozen plus people holding shots and beers.

Who doesn't love a good surprise party?

I do love a good party [Vyst's Note: I will attest to this], as well as surprising the crap out of people. It was the best of both worlds. Come 4am, as usual, Max and I are the only ones left. The birthday shots have kicked in, Max wants to go downtown to the clubs. I know this is a bad idea, I turn to tell her this and find her sleeping on a bench. Guess it's time to go home. I try to get her to her feet, that isn't happening. Looks like her birthday got the best of her. Guess it's time to carry her home. We live four or so blocks from the bar, which wouldn't be that bad. Asians are small and easily carried. Except Max insisted on grabbing every branch, railing, sign, and door handle we passed. All while asking me where her friends are and why we left them. The Koreans walking past found it much more amusing then I did. Overall a great night, and I finally had a story to blackmail her with for once. Though, as she likes to remind me, she has way more dirt on me. But honestly, who doesn't?

For two weeks I had something special, I found the holy grail. If only for a fleeting amount of time. It started like all good stories: at a bar. It was Saturday night, I was drinking at the Sky Lounge with Max and our friend (my BEST friend) Jin Lee.

Jin Lee and I were plotting something evil.

Jin Lee comes to Geoje the majority of weekends to go out drinking, she stays with us at our apartment. Now Jin Lee is a master of finding "sponsors", someone who hangs out with us and picks up the tab (how the hell do you think I go out so much being broke). She is VERY good at this, combined with my unusual luck we make a deadly team. This particular night she invited someone we met the previous week at Max's birthday. His name was John. We all had a beer or two, played some music and decided that we wanted to shoot some pool. John says he knows a place, so we head out. The bar he takes us to is called The Island Mist, it also happens to be closed. John whips out some keys and lets us in. It's a decent-sized bar. A pool table, dart board, plasma screens, and plenty of seating. John hops behind the counter and asks what we would like to drink.

"Anything?" I asked raising my brow.

"Yeah man, whatever you want. My crew has spent so much money over the years we have paid this place's mortgage three times over. The owner gave me the keys, we can drink whatever we want." ...let that sink in. I have access to a full bar, whatever I want, and it's all free. Things could be worse. We drank, blasted Tool, and shot pool until it was six in the morning. It was awesome to be able to come up with drinks and just have all the necessary ingredients to make it, nothing was off limits. We all did this four or so times throughout the next two weeks, until Jin Lee stopped seeing him. I can't even be mad at her for breaking it off, it was to awesome. Just gonna have to wait and see how she can top it.

Regrettably it's time for me to leave Korea. Spent this last weekend with friends saying goodbye. I have only recently made a good group of Geoje friends. It's a shame to be leaving them already.

At least I got to see the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Gonna miss walking home from the bars in the light of mid-morning. The people here have been nothing but amazing and helpful. I wouldn't have any of these stories if it wasn't for the generosity of the people I met here. I've only been in Korea six or so months, but Korea feels like home. Next stop is the Philippines. I'll be staying with Max's family. Been promised hiking, home cooked meals, very cheap beer, and seeing some of the wonders of the worlds. Looking forward to the next stage of the adventure, I leave for Manila May 5th. First stop in the embassy so I can stay longer than 21 days. I researched and all it takes is a small feel to get an extra month or two. Korea has been amazing and I could see myself coming back in the future. Next stop, the Philippines. Not sure if internet is an option there, but I hope to keep the updates coming. Hope everyone is doing great, I know I am.

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